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“My passion is to inspire, educate, empower and motivate YOU to be the best you can be in every area of your life. Together let's create the greatest and most exciting version of you!” Sue


Professional Speaking, Motivation Coach



30 minute one to one telephone or skype – £45

For personal coaching or business mentoring. It’s amazing what you can achieve in half an hour!
For a 1 hour session please choose 2 at the checkout. 


One to one session – £599 - approx 4 hours

Sue will share with you all the tools, techniques and daily disciplines, personalised for you, that have worked so well for her and thousands of people around the world. Normally only one is needed and includes telephone and email backup following the session if required. 

Sue holds her sessions at her beautiful home in Dorset or by Telephone or Skype. 


Or a one to one session with one of Sue’s Accredited Coaches

Suestone Foundation Coaches


Once booked a member of Sue’s team will be in touch to arrange a mutual time and date. Any questions? Please email Natalie at



Changing your thoughts from negative to positive is very difficult. Sue's techniques made it easy. This has been the nearest thing to a miracle cure and within two months of my coaching session I decided I would set up my own business. I am now fulfilling my dream which I never thought possible beforeDylan Lees-Jones  London
Thank you Sue with all my heart for an incredible 1-1 coaching session today.I feel like a different person already! Like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. For the first time in years I feel as if my mind has clarity and I feel as if I have had a mind detox !!! How brill is that ! You truly do have a gift. Your coaching, advice and suggestions resonated with me so much.I'm very grateful for your time and your genuine desire to help meCarole P, Staffordshire
I would like to say a BIG thank you to you Sue for such an amazing time on Friday. My life will never be the same, as I put into practice(dilligently), the simple steps you shared. I am so having fun being the “observer” and the daily diary of my thoughts commenced yesterday. I am happy to announce that the “flat & non-expressive” girl inside has packed her bags and in less than 48hrs my family noticed a new me and I feel great about me in the NOW. Wow!!
I thank you for I see this new chapter of my journey changing everything inside and out. Thank you for illuminating my mind.Wendy Morgan, London
How things have changed since I came to see you and had a 1 to 1 session. I was amazed how you had turned your life around. I took on all the positive thinking visualisation skills and affirmations. These are now part of my everyday life. I have faced some challenges on the way and have coped and reacted to these in a calm and positive way which gave me the best possible outcome which i was so grateful for. My home with my four children is now a happy one and the children are now confident and motivated. I started up a new business as a zumba instructor and have now attracted more clients and venues and am well on the way to achieving more of my goals. Thank you so much Sue for helping me to achieve happiness, confidence and successFiona Howson, Dorset
At the point in which I met Sue my life was simply coasting along without purpose or direction. Professionally I was oka (or so I thought) but personally my life was non- existent. I was incredibly frustrated but did not know how to change this. Sue’s candid description of her own life transformation made me feel that all things were possible with the right mental conditioning. Sue patiently talked me through the process steps which needed to be applied. These enabled me to condition my mind to one containing mostly positive and happy thoughts.

Setbacks don’t affect me in the way they used to. I was recently told that my job was at risk of redundancy. Previously my life would have imploded, but I felt very calm and was absolutely certain I would be okay. True to my beliefs I have landed a fantastic job, one where I know I will be very happy. I cannot overstate what a difference this has made to my life. Thank you Sue, you’re the best xFosua Amankwah, London


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