Sue Stone’s Transformational Meditation

A few words from Sue......

“Years ago I had no time for meditation! No time, no interest and I most certainly was NOT into this ‘stuff’!

How blinkered and narrow-minded was I? If I had opened my mind and taken the time to research and discover the HUGE benefits (scientifically, spiritually and medically proven) to meditation years back, with what I know now, I'm confident my life would not have hit such a rock bottom, emotionally and financially, as it did.

But hey.... it obviously wasn't meant to be at that time and what I've learnt since has turned my life around in every single way... personally, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually.

And of course this is what I love to share.... everything that has enabled my own life transformation..... and if you have been to one of my events, heard me speak, had one to one coaching or listened to my videos, you'll know that to be the case.

It came to me that it was time to share my own transformational meditation that I do on a regular basis and have developed over the years.

You can download it and listen over and over as you wish and shift yourself into a whole new vibration.  

Everything comes down to vibration (scientifically proven!) and this can enable you to free yourself from any negative and limiting thoughts and beliefs that are stopping you succeed.

Poor thinkers will never be rich (and I'm not just referring to money here)!

In my 17 minute guided meditation I'll help you discover all this and more...

  • Create the greatest and most exciting version of you!
  • Create all the effects you want in your life
  • Be in vibrational alignment with what you want
  • Reach your potential
  • Feel free, love, alive, joyful and wealthy
  • Achieve mind-body balance
  • Inner healing
  • Connect with your higher levels of guidance

I really do believe this is the ‘secret’ to success and it’s time to experience a life beyond what currently seems possible to you.

Download it to any device, sit quietly and listen as much as you desire and I trust my meditation has the same impact on you as it has had on me!” With my love Sue xxx




Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Licensed by: Royalty Free Meditation Music

You have until midnight (UK) on the day following purchase to download your MP3




Beautiful, expansive and deeply powerfulClaudia Eades, Dorset, UK
WOW!!  This is an incredibly powerful meditation. It really enabled me
to feel that I have limitless potential and to believe that anything is possible. I now use this wonderful meditation as part of my daily practice. Thank you for sharing Sue!" Sharon Sequoia, Hampshire, UK




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