Author of 'Love Life, Live Life', a Happiness and Empowerment Coach aka The Positivity Coach,  Sue Stone is recognised as the UK's happiest and most positive person..... a far cry from several years ago when she had forgotten what it felt like to be happy. 

From £10 left in her purse, desperate and full of fear to becoming a Secret Millionaire on TV, Sue has achieved an incredible life transformation. Sue thrives on helping others from personal coaching to inspirational business mentoring and motivational speaking

Founder of the Sue Stone Foundation, Sue's amazing positivity and energy has infiltrated the lives of thousands, with wonderful results both at home and in the workplace.

She has a unique, remarkable and uplifting impact on the people she comes into contact with and helps thousands from all walks of life across the world, from everyday people to celebrities and city high-fliers.

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Sue's 2 day Turn Your Life Around at her home

"Just to say thank you for a truly mind blowing couple of days. I really enjoyed it and still buzzing with life force! Your energy is catching!" Susan Black, London

 If you need a hit of joy and positivity; plus some very useful consciousness changing tools, there is no better dealer within the UK. Thank you Sue."

Daniel Sieff, Shining Light Coaching, London


What are your goals?

  • To live an abundantly happy and healthy life
  • To enjoy inner peace and self confidence
  • To have financial freedom
  • To fulfil your life dreams and be successful
  • To be in a wonderful loving relationship
  • To find your passion in life and be the best you can be
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I read Sue stone's book Love Life, Live Life last year and I couldn't put it down. I was in an on/off relationship for 13 years which by the end I felt worthless and had no self confidence. I found Sue's book and it has literally changed my life!  It made me realise that I AM worthy of a better life! So within 1 month of reading it I finally finished with the guy of 13 years who used to make me feel miserable. For the first time I felt freedom and it felt great! After reading the book I knew exactly what I wanted in a partner and within 3 months I found him. We've now moved in together and I genuinely couldn't be happier!

Laura McGrane UK

I absolutely loved your videos, they helped me enormously. I just loved getting them each day and really looked forward to your marvellous and wise teachings. The best thing was that they were short and sweet, so I could work on one thing per day, rather than trying to take in a whole lot of information and perhaps being overloaded. It was a fantastic way to learn.
They were also fun and you are so 'alive' that I found your joy infectious. I became motivated within myself to make changes for the better. My life now has greatly improved and I thank you sincerely for being such a big part of that through your teachings.

– Lesley Thomas, Australia